After being at CrossFit Body-Mechanic for 5 months, I decided to particpate in their ‘livewell challenge.’ I was very skeptical at first, but so glad I took this step. In 30 days, I lost 31 lbs of bodyfat, GAINED 10 lbs of muscle, and increased my deadlift by 25 lbs! I had been stuck on my weight for almost two months and quickly blasted right through that plateau. Special thanks to Kristina for encouraging me to take this extra step to get me moving toward my fitness goals! 31 lbs fat lost 10 lbs muscle increase 25 lbs deadlift increase 30 Days…

Arlex Tarazona

When I started at CFBM in late November of 2012, I never expected to have so much fun doing so much hard work. But the CrossFit family there is simply the best! Casey and the other coaches are amazingly supportive and know when to encourage you to achieve your own greatness. I’d never categorize myself as an athlete, but I love to do the WODs, push myself to the limits, and have gotten better and better over time. Not only am I leaner and stronger, but I’ve found that I recover faster from injuries, my knees stopped creaking, and with Coach Casey’s terrific CrossFit programming, I’ve been able to improve my half-marathon time and have even competed in a few local CrossFit Competitions. I love this place!

Teri Dewitt

When we started at Crossfit Body Mechanic, My best friend, Amanda and I both had “office bodies.” Amanda was getting married in a few months, and was motivated to try a different type of workout in an effort to get those coveted “wedding arms.” I joined because a new workout routine is always more fun with your best friend. We were not only opened up to a new world of working out, we got entirely different results than what we’ve ever had. Amanda discovered that she was a natural at the Olympic weight lifting techniques (although she’ll deny it!), and I love the competitive nature of the workouts. We are leaner, stronger, and have much more endurance because of Crossfit Body Mechanic and our coach, Casey. Casey is amazing! He makes you feel like you were born to dominate Crossfit. He is welcoming, teaches the techniques thoroughly and quickly, and makes you feel apart of a family. Everyone who joins is made to feel a part of the family. The hardest part of Crossfit is deciding to join. The WODs are tough and Casey pushes you hard, but you can do it and will be amazed at the results! Finishing a workout at Crossfit Body Mechanic makes you feel accomplished for the day; and the results are proof that you are strong and healthy. Crossfit makes you feel good, and if you haven’t discovered the community, working out with Casey and our crew is an awesome way to start.

Amanda Comer and Lindsey Orabona

I started at 204 lbs AND had a 25% bodyfat. Twelve weeks and 40 lbs lighter, any questions?

Kevin Luke

After my 2nd baby I never thought my body would be the same. I was 196 after my pregnancy and started working out. I approached Casey about a program and it changed the way I looked at exercise. After his program, I dropped to a lean 123 lbs and under 20% body fat! Thank you, Casey!

Maria Oliver


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