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My name is Casey Schmidt. I’m the head coach of CrossFit FTM. I grew up in Plant City Florida. During my childhood I was fortunate enough to study several styles of martial arts as well as play multiple sports. I graduated from Jesuit High School in the spring of 2001 and began my college career the following Fall.

In 2005, I began the Exercise Science Program at the University of South Florida where I learned about very specific intricacies of fitness. In January of 2007, I was blessed enough to obtain an Exercise Science internship at The Center Club, located in the First Hawaiian Bank of Honolulu, HI. For four months, I lived and breathed how to apply what I spent two years studying at USF.

During my internship, one of my coworkers asked me if I had ever seen the website CrossFit.com. After browsing through the website, I picked a workout called ‘Brandon’s Bad Day.’ I attempted to do the workout ‘As Prescribed’ since I had already been working out for many years and considered myself a competent trainer and athlete. The workout put me on the floor and when I realized that studying CrossFit would take my fitness to a point farther than I ever thought possible, I never looked at exercise the same way again.

In 2009, after working in a Globo Gym for almost two years, I opened my own affiliate where I worked from my one car garage in my town home. Six months later, I opened my first studio and built it to a 7,000 square foot facility with almost 200 members.

In April of 2016, I sold my box and relocated to Valrico where CrossFit FTM was forged. Now with a smaller, more intimate setting, I have shifted my focus to concentrated service, a general physical preparedness program, and focusing on giving each and every member the one-on-one attention they all deserve. I humbly bring my knowledge, background, and experience in this field and feel that I am being warmly welcomed by the Valrico Community.


Casey Schmidt


BS Exercise Science, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids

I was born and raised on a strawberry farm in Plant City. Growing up, I played sports like football, volleyball, and competed at the national level in Tae Kwon Do where I earned a silver medal in the 1997 Junior Olympics in Louisville, KY.

In 2001, I graduated from Jesuit High School of Tampa and went on to college to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. I began the Exercise Science program at USF in the Fall of 2005 and in the Spring of 2007, I was offered an internship at the Center Club, Honolulu Hawaii and on the 3rd of January that year, I was on a plane flying to the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

During my four month internship, one of my coworkers showed me the website, CrossFit.com and asked if I had ever looked at their program before. After looking through the website, I found the first workout of the day (WOD) I would ever do. I attempted to do the workout as prescribed since I thought I was already in shape. Within minutes, I collapsed on the floor, exhausted and unable to move.

I began researching CrossFit obsessively, learning, moving, changing core concepts of what I believed fitness was. Now, almost ten years later, I have worked in the world of fitness and CrossFit professionally and love the career path I have chosen.

Now, after selling my previous box, I get the chance to start over and rebuild a new community that shares the passion for fitness and community that I so love. I have been humbled by some recent experiences, and understand that it’s not about what I want or believe. It’s about the members of the community that I am here to serve.

My goal is to offer an uncompromising level of quality to the members that join our box, to offer concentrated service to every athlete and member that walk through my doors, and to give back to the community that is welcoming me with open arms.



I am a CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Personal Chef, and Freelance Writer. I received my Nutrition Degree from Huntington College of Health Sciences in Knoxville, TN and earned various fitness certifications through ISSA (International Sports Science Association), and CrossFit. I run 10 miles most mornings (if I don’t have a stress fracture!) and consider this as my battery-charging time. I’ve also qualified for and run Boston a number of times and truly enjoy helping others become more successful at whatever I can help them with, from nutrition to marathon training to lifting or just finding the perfect pair of shoes!


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